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Director / Founder


Ben has 19 years of improv experience, starting with training at The Second City and UCB, as well as training and performing at Improv Olympic (now iO). He now performs in Wellington with long form improv duo Doom & Bloom, and short form group The Improvisors. He's hosted workshops at both the NZ Improv Festival and Brisbane Improv Festival.

He has performed or directed for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jemaine Clement, Ben Stiller, the late great Fred Willard, Charna Helpurn, Armando Diaz, Rebecca Languth, Mike O'Brien (SNL), Peter Gwinn (Colbert Report), John Lutz (30 Rock), Benjamin Bratt, and studied or performed under dozens of legendary talents.

Ben's passion lies in discovering the hidden genius of each player, and watching their magic journeys unfold, for both players and audiences alike.

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