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Online or in-person

Corporate & Government Improv Seminars!

With over 40 collective years of experience as improvisers and just as many in the business world, the Improv Connection team works with your business to build teamwork, confidence, and a "Yes And" attitude to your crew! Here's how.

Corporate & Government Improv Seminars!
Corporate & Government Improv Seminars!


Contact us for more information

Online or in-person



We're excited to offer options catering to those in the business and government looking to benefit from the skills and experiences learned in improv – from games the late great Viola Spolin invented for this exact purpose, to exercises we've developed ourselves!

Improv is a tool for life, even before it's a theatre or comedy technique. It helps people become bold enough to stop judging themselves and each other, think on their feet, and truly listen to each other... all leading to progress and connection deeper than any other technique we've seen.

Improv in businesses has been shown in many studies to aid in:

  • Improving communication and collaboration
  • Fostering creativity and innovation
  • Creating high-functioning teams
  • Driving leadership capabilities
  • Delivering dynamic presentations
  • Telling memorable stories
  • Increasing workplace chemistry
  • Managing conflict and difficult conversations


We cater to your needs, and your budget. We offer large and small group sessions ranging between 90 minutes to three days – both in person and online.  

Email us at or through our site to enquire how improv can benefit you, your goals, and your team!


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